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Tweet 4 Taiji

I have been following the horrific truth about the dolphin hunting in Taiji. I had no idea this happened until a few days ago and I can not get this horrific gesture out of my head. Im heart broken and mortified at the lack of love and respect these “fishermen” have for this ever so beautiful creatures. Tomorrow will bring more pods to their death. They have no voice, we are their voice. Get on twitter get on facebook – SHARE. Use the hashtag #tweet4taiji lets all combine our love and help these dolphins….. We need to put an end to this NOW… My heart breaks that I could not help or save these beautiful animals. Get on board, follow the Sea Shepards, watch their live feed if you can stomach it and take action!!!


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How time flies

WOAH I honestly believed it hadn’t been this long since id been on here….

But I will make a more conscious effort to keep on blogging.

Christmas came and went and my dogs got super spoilt, almost destroying all their gifts in the first 15 minutes of receiving them mmmmm may need to re think their christmas presents.

Ive been to QLD to hang out with my fam bam and most importantly I GOT ACCEPTED INTO VET NURSING CERT 4 wooooo hooooo I start Feb 4th and I cant tell you how super excited I am…. what a year its going to be..

I believe this is the year for me…. look out world


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Home made dog stuff

So I just made home made kongs – you know those things you put treats in and the dogs keep themselves busy by trying to figure out how to get the treats out??

So I grabbed two water bottles, removed the labels and ring… cut holes into the bottle, then put treats in and replaced the lid.. and WALA home made kongs…

So I give one to each and Busta is so NOT interested – i dont understand. Milli has devoured all the treats out of one and now shes onto the other – mmmm maybe i made it too easy? 

Shes panting so im guessing its stimulating her some how, shes already had a run around the back yard with the hose so now shes a wet smelly dog lol my poor old Busta just doesnt seem to be interested in ANYTHING except his early xmas present stuffed squeaky toy – which he has almost killed… 

How do I get this dog interested in anything?

Suggestions please

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For Christmas I would like…….

With Christmas just around the corner, we see a rise in the amount of dogs being surrended to our local pounds…. which means, a lot of dogs end up dieing because of the amount of dogs entering the pounds with not enough room or not enough adopters, rescue organizations that are too full and not enough foster carers.

This year I Am asking all of you – to spare a thought for all the rescue organisations who work every single day, saving millions of animals just to give them a second chance. A lot of rescue organisations are selling calendars as their once a year fundraiser so this year, why not purchase a calender, filled with heart warming stories and adorable pictures and support a rescue organisation… go on, your friends and family will love it and the rescue organisations will be forever grateful

this year im purchasing my own calendar from Big Dog Rescue, but I have seen a bunch of other calendars from other rescues, so ill be buying one from each to hand out to all my family members.



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What do you want to be when you grow up?


I grew up believing I would be MANY things, a school teacher, a counselor, a business owner, a mum, a wife, a cat owner, a travel agent – you name it I wanted to be it, except I never wanted anything to do with dogs, ironic isnt it? I grew up with a fear off dogs, I did however owned a dog when i was about 9 or 10 named Ripper – he was there one day and gone the next 😦 thanks mum!! But I guess i just never grew up with them or was ever really introduced to dogs. So here I am aged 29 and about to start my studies of becoming a Vet Nurse. When I met my husband he owned a Rottweiler, talk about facing your fears, we then added Milli to our pack believing she was a rottweiler but we have since been led to believe she may be part Labrador! So anyway Milli was my turning point. I had never fallen in love with anybody as much as I had with her. She has shown me how to be nurturing, enjoy the little things in life, how to laugh at nothing and what it means to be put another first. So my love for DOGS grew. I started following a million dog rescue sites, watching dogs reunited on you-tube and now i find myself crying almost every day at the sheer lengths humans go to for dogs – good and bad.

So 2014 brings me a year of 2 years worth of study to become a Vet Nurse!! I never had a real goal, But thanks to Milli – I do now!


Rain keeps the dogs away (or inside)

Sp my plan of starting a new routine for my dogs  has already come to a stand still – my street is flooding and its storming…. lets see what the rest of the week holds.

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We have a guest

So one of our dear friends just popped in to say hi….

Now our dogs know this lady well, they have grown up with her – dont see her often but always remember her. There shouldn’t be a problem right? WRONG!!! Busta whines and whines and he gets a pat, Milli just stands there waiting her turn – but the minute you pay any attention to her or pat her, Busta goes in for the dominance over take, jumps on her, growls at her never does any damage i know its its harmless but our guests FREAK out and i have to tell them to remain calm. No yelling no fear! So I try my calm assertive energy that im learning to use – doesn’t work, guest moves out of site and i can use my calm assertive energy only then. He then stops and listens and calms down! I want to be the best dog owner, the best pack leader – I need to brush up on my skills and ALWAYS use my calm – assertive energy! Have added to the list of things to work on….


Busta and Milli


Busta and Milli – my two dogs I LOVE THEM

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My Woof Pack

Hello, and Welcome. I was lying in bed last night asking myself a million questions relating to my own pack. Who is the leader and who are the followers, what can I do more to achieve the best out of my dogs, what do they need, do I give too much affection, have I given them a good life – according to Cesar Milan, I have not! This made me wonder – have I been a bad dog mum all these years? Not fulfilling my own dogs needs – in actual fact, my own fears and anxieties have led my dogs to live the life I want them to and feel they need.
Ive been doing it all wrong and how do i overcome my own fears and anxieties? The more I keep reading Cesar’s Way the more anxious I have become and realised I need to do MORE for my dogs… So it got me thinking, is there anybody else out there that has the same fears and anxieties and more to the point – dealt with them and now have a well balanced, calm-submissive dog and became a more Calm – assertive human?

My pack consists of myself a  casual dog walker and vet nurse in training, my husband a full time tow truck drive, a dog – Rottweiler named Busta and another dog – Rottweiler x Lab named Milli. I love my family members dearly and will do ANYTHING to protect them from the dangers of this world, but I have come to realise i have in fact created some unbalanced dogs – mmmmm what to do now! By all means they are not BAD dogs, they listen (most of the time), sit and shake hands before meals, go to bed when told, sleep most of the day and guard our house with devoted loyalty BUT they have some issues all because of my own fears and anxieties and my husbands long work hours…. What are the problems you ask? Well according to Cesar Milan (and I know he is 100% right) dogs need a lot of exercise, I can not remember the last time i even walked them – which has led to some built up energy which I need to get rid of ASAP. My fear is leaving the house with my dogs and becoming a target for theft – i know i know it sounds crazy but if anything happened to them id be heart broken. I am also anxious, anxious about the walk, walking both of them, walking one then the other and leaving Milli at home on her own suffering from separation anxiety from not myself or my husband but Busta – im at a lost cause. Im a bloody dog walker and i cant even walk my own dogs?? what crazy nut case have i created in my own head? My husband works long and very hard hours so him coming on the walk is well not going to happen.

From my own fears and anxieties I have created 2 anxious dogs – Busta hates hates hates the posty bike – i think this may even be called “the red zone” where you cant snap them out of their focus – this I will have to work on… and Milli, my gorgeous Milli – has an obsession of licking , sniffing and nibbling all because she has built up energy and cant express it – my fault!

So its a new week you say, and I myself believe that this week will be the week I start getting my dogs to actually be dogs…. I am their problem! I need to change my energy first and foremost… so lets see what happens hey

Thanks for reading,

From one very confused dog owner!

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“My dogs paw prints are the path to my soul”

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